Robyn Cassidy – Dedicated user of Chakra Oil

“I cannot recommend more highly the oils of Anoint Chakratherapy. I started with the Base Chakra oil in the hope that my Restless Leg Syndrome would be reduced in frequency and in its considerable discomfort to my body, especially when I was trying to go to sleep. I have found it to do all of that and more! I apply the oil at the back of my knees, on the soles of my feet and across my toes and ankles. It has almost completely rid me of the problem and when it does return, the Base chakra oil takes only a matter of minutes for its good work to be done. Because RLWS can also occur when watching tv or reading a book with my legs up on a stool or when having a pedicure or when traveling by air, I use it at these times as well. And the result is inevitably very positive. This has been particularly wonderful when contemplating long hours on a plane! I have just begun to use the Heart chakra oil and am confident that it, too, will serve me well. THANK YOU ANOINT!!”

Robyn Cassidy   January 22, 2007 Verdel

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