The Human Being is a composite of multiple aspects of variables; some are innate and others are caused by the environment. In the womb, we began as infants with our mothers are the only source of nourishment. Due to environmental variables and also the mother’s physical and mental well being, an undernourished womb would create innate imbalance in the newborn. This imbalance that started at birth slowly develop into more apparent problems that we see later on in life. Living in the world filled with pressure; we are challenged with newly found issues such as depression, anxiety, allergy, hair-loss, and diseases. These are the problems we face in the 20th century. With this in mind, we found that the simple needs of life and achieving a  socially acceptable outer appearance is no longer the purpose of life. True wealth comes to those who are balanced on levels of the body, mind and soul.

At iBuddha Love, we’ve created programs that will help you maintain your balance on all levels of your personal being. Through integrating all natural solutions from Pure Essential Oil, Vegetable Volcanic Ashe White, Dead Sea Mud and more, we persist in utilizing Mother Nature’s most valuable gifts to restore human health and physical balance. For those who are seeking more personal and mental insight to your life, we provide Personal Tarot Readings, Vitality Restoration, Chakra Therapy and more. Connecting with nature and utilizing natural resources, we help bring balance to one’s wholeness, and guide you to be one with the universe.

For those who are already on the path of soul searching, we also provide guidance for those who seek insights to your life’s path. Let us enter into a new Era of Light and Love and re-connect with Mother Earth to begin a wholesome life of happiness and wealth.

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