“Meteorite Expo” 11 Tons Meteorite in Taoyuan Zhongli District

11 Tons Huge Meteorite (photo taken by Yang Min Fong)

“Meteorite Expo” Opening on 7th of May in Taoyuan Zhongli District near the THSR Taoyuan Station on the cross street of Sec. 1, Gaotie N. Rd and Qing Sheng Road. In the exhibition, the largest meteorite weights 11 tons and is an eyecatcher. Famous adventurer Haoping Sui stated that, after traveling around the world, to see such a huge meteorite is a rare opportunity. It is a rare chance to be exhibited in Taiwan.

Many government officials attended the opening ceremony (photo taken by Yang Min Fong)

Haoping Sui says, the studies of meteorites still have a lot of rooms for expansion and doubts, not all meteorites have healing or magic abilities. Nonetheless, for such a heavy meteorite to be exhibited in the land of Taiwan, and for people to witness it up close, is a very rare chance. In other countries, they would have to be seen through glass, and fences.

Another large meteorite was 7.5 tons (photo taken by Yang Min Fong)

Plum Blossom Foundation Director Yang Hue Jung says, out of all the 800 and more meteorites collection, this exhibit is displaying close to 30 meteorites. In the hope that the exhibit can be open to people for studying, discussing, understanding more about meteorites, as well as for the medical field for studies.

(China Times)

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