Universe Sticks Exercise

The Universe has its frequency and way of operating in ways that human may not fully understand yet. One thing for sure, human is part of this Universe, which makes us small Universes in this grand Universe, we hold a frequency that keeps us running too. Imagine, the Universe operates like a fine tuned car with great capacity going at 120km/hr, and a human operates like a worn out vintage car with low capacity goes to a max of 60km/hr. Though functional, it takes a toll on both the vintage car and the driver. The Universe Sticks Exercise works as tuning in this case, upgrading and tune human parts to an optimum that is aligned with the Universe for a smooth ride.

Unveil the mystery connection between the small Universe (our body) and the Universe. Through the routine of Universe Sticks Exercise, steadily inhale and exhale to connect with the Universe’s energy field, converting positive light energy into our body, and metabolize negative energy outwards. One may experience body sensations such as warmness of the hand & feet, breaking out sweat, giddiness, releasing of gas (burping or farting), relieve of tight muscles or meridians in the process.

Universe Sticks Exercise is a basic way of understanding one’s body, opening up sensations, awareness of what is going on in the body, e.g. flow of energy, source of pain, stagnant areas, how living habits & emotions affects the body, etc. Different from a gym workout, the exercise is not intended not for toning muscles or losing fat (although these may surprisingly be achieved in the process) but to bring our body to a neutral or positive state allowing self-exploration and connection to the Universe’s energy. People who have difficulty in or lack of Focus, Clarity, Peace, Grounding, Motivation are especially recommended to explore the difference of doing the exercise with consistency. This is a great way to Zen for those that find it difficult to sit still for meditation.

There are different levels to the Universe Sticks Exercise, through consistent practice, one will feel the oneness of Vitality, Energy and Soul. The improving of conversion speed is an excellent way of practicing the ability to convert.


It is circulation, as well as rhythmic consistent discipline, striving unremittingly.


It is metabolism, as well as improving of state, advance, exceed and breakthrough.

With a great ability to convert energy in the body, the whole Universe is your garden. Focus in exercising each move properly, relax, let go and empty the mind. One will feel great vitality & energy after each routine, and experience the mystery of “Active Zen”.

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