Light Healing

Light Healing uses two purified, treated coral stones. Deep sea mineral stones are purified through the nature and evolved along with the eco-system. The minerals absorbed immense light energy from earth and holds great healing powers. Practitioners of Light Healing adheres by strict discipline and way of practice, from the basic vegetarian diet, non-intake of alcohol to individual’s morning & night homework. Consistent learning and practice of Light Healing is a must.

With change being the only constant in this era, environmental pollution, hectic pace of the modern society, our state of the Mind, Body & Soul has to be regularly conditioned in order to achieve balance. Light Healing balances a person’s energy field, get rids of negative energy from the body and introduces light energy. Prior to the process, the Light Healing practitioner will lead a warm up activity「Universe Sticks Exercise」, a simple set of movements, to awaken cells in the body and begin to enter an active state. One only have to adopt a relaxed posture, feel and experience the effects of Light Healing on the body. Process of the healing is dependent on different needs of an individual and will be attuned accordingly by the practitioner for the best healing experience. Light Healing brings about different experiences to people, the cleaner the inner body the higher attainment in spirituality, the higher ability to realize and comprehend, the stronger sensations will be.

Light Healing is a form of spiritual healing, if you are into research or realization of the Mind, Body & Soul practices, or wish to understand more effects of Light Healing, feel free to inquire through any of the branches island wide.

Tip: To enhance the sense of touch through the body, 「Universe Sticks Exercise」is a complete set of movements an individual can practice to awaken cells and conversion of energies in the physical body. Then, through 「Knife Massage」to target meridian & acupuncture points massage, release negative energies, bringing energies to a balance and clears blockage or stagnant energies / blood in the system. The degree of vibrancy of the cells, circulation of the blood, flow of energy, awareness of the consciousness and openness of one’s heart can all affect perceptions of Light Healing.

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