Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil Experience from Eve

Chakra essential oils have always been in the picture in my previous meditations and soul healing journey. Each was a strong sensational experience, as though body cells are awakened, washed up, pieced back together and bubble wrapped with essential oils. Recently, the relaxing aroma of Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil has been floating around in the shop, its energy awaits my experience.

It was innate in me, Spirituality . Intuition . Wisdom. I learnt how to lead myself back to the beginning in the hands on class few days back. Presume i know nothing about essential oils. Through the guidance of our lead Soul Healing Master, Liberty, my intentions were attuned to the healing topics that were about to begin: “In fact, plants, animals, human, are energy vibrations, one can understand them if we use our heart to feel. Masters all started from ground zero, mother nature and our spirituality are the best teachers”. These words inspired my desire to go from zero to knowing.

Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil is simply different from what’s in the market, from its packaging, naming, pricing, etc. Understanding its value caused the business sense in me to sigh a little, its founder is simply doing charity. The packaging was designed in a clean & elegant manner with a clever touch on the positioning of the rainbow, it was as though rainbow is radiating from the essential oil when placed in front of the box.

Each bottle of essential oil was named after a greek god that has its mythology and relevant healing topics:

「Root Chakra: Gaea」
The respected mother nature, source of all lives on earth, holds the vessel of life, seed of all lives, because of Gaea’s nurturing fountain water, all lives began sprouting and multiplying.

My experience: Like Jack & the Magic Beanstalk, grounding towards the core of earth and climbing to the sky. Molecules breathed in were buried deep underground, awaiting nutrients from the Sun . Air . Water to sprout, once they sprouts, they grow with lightning speed, strengthen, mature and plentiful into a huge stalk that provides steadiness for future climbers to come. It also represents the important lessons of grounding and stabilizing before moving to the next chapter of learning.

「Sacral Chakra: Hera」
Crowned as the queen, heavenly mother, Hera takes charge of marriage, holds big inner capacity, trust and confidence towards partner.

My experience: Love myself. Do i ever tell myself ‘i’m not that important’ because of others’ words and how others see me or to please others? Self love & confidence reduces day by day and it becomes harder to believe in myself. Only by loving myself, i can live up to my conscience. If i can deceive myself, who else do i not deceive and how do i treat others sincerely?

「Solar Plexus: Apollo」
All lives can’t do without the Sun God, ever radiating sun light, always open and aboveboard, he is the god of absolute truth.

My experience: A refreshing . sweet taste like a lemon lozenges in mouth. Lemon excites the palate, just like sun showering on the skin, introducing a flow of warmth, inspiring the drive to charge. Sweetness melts through the lemon syrup, it is a motivation, encouragement and rewarding sweetness. With the drive to take action, confidence to charge, success is ultimately a sweet reward.

「Heart Chakra: Venus」
Love god, prestigious, solemn, benevolent and warm, a representing idol of beauty.

My experience: I’m a princess, i love and i’m loved. Such gentleness, ok with everything and there is always room for negotiation. Like setting foot on grass, gently leaping, flowers and birds are all singing praises for this world. As long as there is love, i am willing to overcome all obstacles.

「Throat Chakra: Poseidon」
Legend speaks of Poseidon, the sea god. Whenever catastrophe hits and water becomes a disaster for mankind, Poseidon comes to rescue with his trident, people praises him as the harvest god that holds great responsibility and love.

My experience: A light translucent blue glow wrapping the entire dimension as the light of peace. Taking form of a round protective aura wrapping the entire physical body, it is fluid state, when people interact, the aura shifts and merge into a larger light aura. One could live in their own bubble aura, or interact and unite with everyone else, great strength comes with unity.

「Third Eye Chakra: Hemera」
Goddess of the dawn, she is the first ray from the unity of darkness and dusk, the brightness of Universe, the divine light.

My experience: Space. Sometimes, all things need is a little space. Let time heal, let distance draw out beauty, let space resolve a deadlock. Use wisdom to objectively judge and actions to improve relationships. Human is the most intricate living creature i’ve seen, other than using the heart, there’s such need to grow some wisdom too.

「Crown Chakra: Athena」
Because she’s rumored to be the unity of power and beauty, a student that will surpass the master, her father Zeus swallowed her in fear that she will overthrow him. Gathering wisdom and strength, she emerged from Zeus’s crown and hence became the respectable goddess of wisdom.

My experience: Indeed, a unity of wisdom and beauty, because utilizing wisdom on oneself and leveraging on environment conditions, one is able to have success at the back of the palm and ultimately achieving great harvest. It is a sense of nobility, luxury and success.

I knowingly felt that there’s no need to worry of lack of knowledge, one is able to make up with diligence, but one should consider spirituality can teach us what we need at the point of time. There is no right or wrong, and i do not want to judge which content i like or dislike at the first sight of the oils. The wisdom to be objective and see things as it is turns out to be an important lesson for me. Here the oils are to teach me on breaking through, not for me to judge or to rely addictively.

– Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil is quick absorbing due to its water soluble factor, inhaling is the quickest way to allow molecules to enter and be absorbed into our cells
– Essential oils should be pure extract and paired with good water to have what goes in to our cells and environment be truly helpful
– Water soluble essential oil ensures the aroma maintains similar throughout the diffuse
– Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil undergoes purification during production process, setting intentions before usage enhances the effect
– It may be difficult to change the people around us or environment that we are in, the essential oils help balance the energy field of the person or environment that we use in subtly setting the background mood

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