When an acupuncturist tries out Knife Massage

We had many of these stories, friends of Love Boat, came visiting us from afar, all similar circumstances but so drastically different in each’s background. This is one we want to share.

Agnes told us she’d be here today, little did we know she’s down with heavy flu & fatigue from her fever after flying for nearly 20 hours, coupled with a bad night at her accommodation AND she reached way earlier than our opening hour. We rushed down at our best, ladies, it was COLD outside.

It was more than great to see her, but goodness she looked HORRIBLE! I could see the huge relieve in her eyes on seeing our familiar faces, tears just came rolling down as she started pouring out her excitement and ordeals so far. I sat her beside our P.R Manager *Rainbow Bear* and all i wanted was to give her a comforting back rub and a cup of hot tea made brewed with L.O.V.E, who doesn’t like the idea of a back rub and cup of hot beverage?

Here comes a better offer: How about a Knife Massage to clear all that discomfort, and then we talk? That was a no brainer, there was no way she’s gonna feel any better just by sitting here. Agnes first heard about Knife Massage when we met in the states, being an acupuncturist, she also wanted to experience this in her professional ways.

Agnes was first lead by our Knife Massage Teacher, Olivia, to do the Universe Sticks Exercise as a warm up. It was a 70 minutes Knife Massage, then Olivia sat Agnes down to go through the condition of her body. That was a special day where a few other of our teachers were in the house.

One could only wish for such affinity for us to all meet on this Island of FORMOSA, all coming from different parts of the world and meeting at Love Boat. Rest of us joined in created a learning space. Here we have, a western lady with the heritage of Guatemala & America, an acupuncturist by professional, a yoga practitioner by teaching, a believer of true healing. True healing of the body, mind and soul.

“When Olivia was using the knives on me, i could feel the flow of energy in my body despite being sick. The points where i knew have been stuck for a long time were brought to notice.” said Agnes. Pointing to her stretch of bladder system, Agnes was making a point that Knife Massage was able to pin point the area that she was having the most issues with and what was it doing when the blunted knifes are bouncing off her skin. This is similar to Reiki, but different.

Wasted no time, we dove into the topic of healing, here are some ways of healing (Shamanic way uses herbs & setting of intentions to cure, Traditional Chinese Medicine uses plant/animal herbs to condition, Acupuncture uses needles to regulate the Qi 氣 through meridian points of the body, Knife Massage uses knife to regulate and balance energy in the body, Light Healing uses coral stones to treat the sickness of the physical body & non-physical soul), and in essence, there are so many methods that ancient wisdom have passed down for us to adapt, some of which are really not due to the lack of modern technology, instead, because natural, root cause cure is the way to go.

And there are so many ways of treating the symptoms of sickness, one may easily miss out what’s the root cause of the sickness. Many healers, practitioners have the ability to heal others, but encounter own health issues that require healing themselves, which is why many come to us to find THE solution.

The conversations brought us to a common ground, that in the ways of healing, the conditioning of Vitality, Energy, Soul is crucial, that’s why so many practices all came down to similar driving factor, such as “Balance is the key to wellness”, and in the evolution of healing, Body, Mind and Soul healing have to come in a pack. We very much appreciate discussions like this one, especially the coming together of different ideas, methods, practices, working towards serving in total unity.

Before Agnes left, she showed us the crystal that her friend gave her for the trip, and the one that she was already wearing. Of course, a healer always have her crystals close to her! All of us whipped out ours, and that was it! Love Boat is here waiting to discover stories everyday, we certainly look forward to hearing about your journey too!

*Name changed for privacy*

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