Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center

ibuddhalove was established in 2007. We are a group of partners from around the world to pursue the unity of the human body and soul .
In June of 2013, we had a team that went to Rhode Island in United States to meet RICK ROBERTS & MARIA THOMAS, the founders of ZENTANGLE® ; went through extensive courses and successfully became CZTs Certified Zentangle Teachers.
During the end of our journey, we were very excited to receive a gift of amethyst crystal from Rick. In hope to bring the Zen way of life to more people, we because the first group of instructors for Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center.
We do not just focus on technical skills of the tangles , we are more concerned about the practice of ” Zen “. ” ZEN ” , so to speak, or when your inner energy is in unity, your inner energy will show through your Zentangle works; creating beautiful and powerful artworks.

Welcome to the heart of ZEN Tangle.

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