About iBuddha Love

In the New Age of the 21st Century, everything revolves around the ways of the Universal Path.

This is a scientific age, and is also an age of universal messages.

We provide a range of knowledge stretches beyond the Universe. Astrology, Tarot, Light, Plant, Essential Oil, Crystal Therapy, and Aromatherapy. All living things have a spirituality. By studying the way of the Universe, we can find a path for our selves.

I Buddha Love encompasses the unity of Western and Eastern Wisdom; including consulting, education, and more to provide a complete service for the balance of the Mind, Body and Soul. Allowing each individual to seek positive energy and find positive path on this planet. Thus creating a world of love right here on Earth.

With more than 10 branches spread across the Country, we’re driven to provide all the mind, body, and spiritual healing for all.

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