Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra holds all your larger than life passions such as dreams, ambitions and fantasies. This chakra is the emotional and sexual center of the soul, a fountain of universal energy. It’s your strong link to the world, which bonds you to your loved ones.

Representing Color: Orange

Location of the Chakra in the Body: The Sacral Chakra Is located below the navel, above the groin.
Main Characteristic Associated with the Chakra: The Sacral Chakra is the passion center of the body and the mind; it channels your joy in life, libido, creativity and the ability to connect to others. Feelings associated with this chakra are shame, jealousy, fear, remorse and disgust.

Sacral Chakra in balance: Balance leads to a good connection with your intuition and creativity and sharpens your senses. You know where you want to go and how to get there, and how not to lose yourself on the way.

Sacral Chakra out of balance: When the Sacral Chakra is out of balance it’s harder to find direction and motivation, you feel emotionally distant or extremely over emotional. You avoid change, feel frustration, and your creativity is blocked. The body might break out in allergies, lose weight and be constipated.

Balance your Sacral Chakra: Enhance the orange energy in you life:

  • Watch a teary or an exciting movie.
  • Eat oranges and carrots and other orange food.
  • Wake your orange Chakra with aromatherapy extracts such as orange, lemon, ginger and lemongrass.
  • Take a Sensual cooking class.
  • Wear orange clothes and use this color in home décor.
  • Have a deep tissue massage.
  • Wear or carry an orange gemstone such as Coral or Carnelian or copper piece.

Suggested Chakra Essential Oil: [Hera] Sacral Chakra Rivila Oil

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