Prophet International Tarot Institute

Prophet International Tarot Institute was founded in alignment with the spiritual awakening of souls in the 21st Century. Guiding individuals onto the path of the Unity with their Body, Mind and Soul. Volunteers and consultants worldwide including Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, France, United Kingdom, United States and many more dedicate themselves in this practice serving others while accomplishing themselves.

The Prophet Tarot reading goes by the 先天 (Before Heaven) philosophy, which divination of life unfolds the soul’s path. The divination guides individuals in alignment onto their soul’s journey, and creation of an enriching and fulfilling life journey. Through Prophet Tarot, one can realign inner values and seek the way to achieve oneness with the Universe.

Tarot divination is an ancient practice which can be found in ancient civilizations including Egypt, India, China and many more. Prophet Tarot is a way of internal practice in understanding oneself and one’s soul. Ancient readers consider the divination as messages from the Universe. People are often feeling lost in today’s world, and due to the need of the world, Prophet International Tarot Institute strives to help those in search of the Way of Practice; and those seeking the path towards their divine purpose. One can understand the cause & effect of all that has happened in causing the current situation and what is the root problem that is hindering the breakthrough, to find the realignment of one’s intentions.

Many consult in topics of love & relationship, career, family and health, in further depth, discussing the fulfillment of the greater self. One can consider “What are the life lessons in my life?”. “What are my greatest potentials and failures?”. “How should i work towards my purpose in life?”. Prophet Tarot guides an individual onto the path that is true for the soul, to excel and fulfill. One’s greatest potential awaits to be verified by a keen soul.

Prophet Tarot Session: 2200NT per session
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