Universe Tarot Institute

Intuitive Tarot Institute was founded on the need of 21st Century Body, Mind and Soul 3 way cleansing.
We have volunteers spread worldwide.
Including Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, France, United Kingdom, United States and more.
From the collaborative effort, a new era of enlightenment includes beings of all nationality, religion, age, sex and sexual preference.
The more people who join us, the more we see the desire for change.
The search for higher enlightenment is never ending.
We welcome friends from around the world to join our team.
We are a team that seeks excellence and it’s a great way to bring dreams to reality.
All beings should live a happy and wealthy life.
Through spreading and sharing love and care, the Universe will in return present us with grace.
This is a surreal yet true way of living.
Join us and share the light!
We welcome you

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