The Knife Massage

Introduction to Dao Liao (Knife Massage)
This technique of healing by the knives has 7000 years of existence. It was practiced in ancient China during the 8th-5th century BC time period in monasteries by monks. This natural therapy has been passed in China until the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and is well practiced in Taiwan and Japan today.

Principles and benefits of Dao Liao(Knife Massage)

The primary function of Dao Liao(Knife Massage) is to facilitate exchange of energy (氣 or 炁). Practitioner describe the process as a form of qigong (氣功). This practice is based on the principle that human beings are bodies of energy and have positive and negative within us. After receiving a harmonization magnetic energy by Dao Liao, the energy field and the patient’s vital energy can be balanced.

Through working on the pressure points and meridians on the individual, the energy blocked can then be released and equalized. In some cases where the client is vegetarian and has familiarity with energy work, one may feel a positive energy flowing after the knife massage session.

The beneficial effects of this process includes relaxation of body and mind, increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow, natural pain relief, improved sleep quality, cell regeneration, unlocking and opening the energy meridians and acupuncture points.

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