The Knife Massage

Introduction to Dao Liao (Knife Massage)
This technique of healing by the knives has 7000 years of existence. It was practiced in ancient China during the 8th-5th century BC time period in monasteries by monks. This natural therapy has been passed in China until the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and  well practiced in Taiwan and Japan today.

The primary function of Knife Massage(刀療)is to facilitate exchange of Energy (氣 or 炁). Practitioner describes the process as a form of Qi Gong (氣功). This practice is based on the principle that human beings are bodies of energy and there are positive and negative energies within us. After receiving a harmonization magnetic energy through Knife Massage, the patient’s energy field and vital energy can be balanced.

Knife Massage uses soft techniques and Qi Gong (rotating and forwarding energy) , leveraging on the weight of the knife, rebound and vibrations of the body, to activate the nerves, cells and blood flow.

Knife Massage is a form of certified treatment, it is not easy to assume the title of a Knife Massage practitioner as they are trained and equipped with high level of professionalism. A practitioner of Knife Massage also has to be in the Way of Practice, observes stringent disciplined lifestyle such as adopting a vegetarian diet and be conscientious in the daily morning & night homework.

The beneficial effects of this process includes, but does not limit to the relaxation of body & mind, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, works as a natural pain relief, improves quality of sleep, cells regeneration, unlocks and opens up the energy meridians & acupuncture points.

Through working on the pressure points and meridians on the individual, the blockage of energy can be released and equalized. In cases where the client consumes clean diet and living habits (e.g. regular vegetarian, does not indulge in smoking, night life, overconsumption of alcohol, etc) or is familiar with energetic work, one may feel the positive flow of energy after the knife massage session.

Knife Massage covers 40% of the components in Five Complementing Healing to achieve detoxification and maintaining wellness. Along with it, Physic Healing takes up 20%, Body Healing 20%, Food Healing 10%, Qi 炁 Healing 10%.

Knife Massage Session: 1500NT per session (60 minutes)
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