The I Ching

The I Ching Divination practiced here is using the “先天” method.  A literal translation of “先天” means “before Heaven”, its symbolic representation refers to the “innate soul.”  Through the way of I Ching, access your soul’s information database within the Akashic Records. Different from the traditional coin toss and hexagram I Ching, the I Ching 羅盤(compass) is the hardware, utilized as a tool to access the Universe’s information database whereas I Ching itself works as the Universe’s computer terminal; for which information is accessed and exchanged.

In today’s society, individuals are faced with difficulties that troubles the physical self, inner self or even greater self. In many cases, seeking opinions of experts proves to be of limited help. Individuals can consult the I Ching for divination on insights, advice and paths to resolution from an Universe perspective, one that can tell the cause of a beginning and foresee the end of a situation, and therefore able to advise the process in between. Though through I Ching, one can foresee the end of a situation, it does not translate to a guaranteed promise or works as a fortune telling tool. It still depends on the individual’s work to fulfill what is being foreseen and truly resolving the problem.

I Ching is an ancient method passed down throughout the millennia in China.  Historically, it was utilized by generals to make strategic and tactical decisions that influenced the entire nation. In fact, only generals were allowed to learn the I Ching in order to assist the emperors—the emperors themselves were not permitted to learn.  The I Ching can see what is happening in a situation, surpassing what is present to the naked eye.

Sometimes we veer off the path in life; sometimes we get lost or get confused about the onward direction; sometimes signs are unclear; sometimes we lose the connection with our intuition. These are the times when consulting the I Ching can be greatly benefit a person. It provides a beacon, a path out of the darkness, and guidance into the light.

For individuals today, it can be used to receive insights to topics of love and relationships, career, wealth, health, family, etc. For business or enterprise leaders, it can be consulted for business decisions that may in turn, affect many others.

One can consider “How can we act in order to achieve our highest good that benefits our evolution the most?”. “What is my greatest potential in this life?”. “What am i here to learn?”. “How can i fulfill in areas of health, wisdom and wealth?”.

For individuals who are seeking fulfillment of the greater self, I Ching can point out the way of practice that is most suitable, the divine purpose in this life and assist with the onward journey and fulfillment of life.

I Ching Session: 2200NT per session
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