The I Ching

The I Ching Divination practiced here is using the “Xian Tian” method.  Literally translated, Xian Tian means “before Heaven,” but its symbolic meaning refers to “soul.”  This means that through the medium of the I Ching, the reader can access your soul’s information database within the Akashic Records.  Therefore, this is not the traditional coin toss and hexagram I Ching. The I Ching luopan is simply utilized as a tool to access the Universe’s database of information.  So in a sense, the I Ching is the Universe’s computer terminal; like a computer terminal, the hardware is the means by which information is accessed and exchanged.

In today’s society, individuals are faced with great difficulties they themselves may not be able to address.   The I Ching provides a divination through which people can consult with the .  The suggestions, insight and advice provided is offered from a greater spiritual perspective, one that can see the end and beginning of a situation, and therefore can advise on the process in between.  How can we act in order to achieve our highest good, that which benefits our evolution the most?

Sometimes we veer off the path; sometimes we get lost; sometimes we are befuddled in confusion; sometimes the signs are not clear, or our own intuition is not clear.  These are the times when consulting the I Ching are highly beneficial for a person.  It provides a beacon, a guiding light out of the darkness, into the light.

I Ching is an ancient tradition passed down throughout the millienia in China.  Historically, it was utilized by generals to make strategic and tactical decisions that influenced the entire nation.  In fact, only generals were allowed to learn the  I Ching to assist the emperors—the emperors themselves were not permitted to learn it.  The I Ching can see what is happening in a situation, including what you can see and what you cannot see.

For individuals today, it can be used to look at questions about love and relationships, career and job, wealth, health, family, etc.  For business leaders, it can be consulted to make decisions affecting the success of their company.

In particular, it is most effective in solving problems and issues in your life.  If you’d like to get more insight into any topic in your life, you can consult the I Ching for advice, suggestions and information.

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