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Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center

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ibuddhalove was established in 2007. We are a group of partners from around the world to pursue the unity of the human body and soul . In June of 2013, we had a team that went to Rhode Island in … Continue reading

Natural Healing

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Through Mother Earth’s healing gift, the “Essential Oil”. During the session, you will be guided to find individual’s oils of need. Each Recipes is unique to every individual on the 3 important levels of the body, mind and soul. The … Continue reading

Wellness Centers

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The Human Being is a composite of multiple aspects of variables; some are innate and others are caused by the environment. In the womb, we began as infants with our mothers are the only source of nourishment. Due to environmental … Continue reading

Zen Workshops

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The Body Breathing Exercises. We can tell a lot about ourselves by the way we take our breaths. This Breathing Course will help one understand and learn to deal with daily stress through a simple change in our Breaths. The … Continue reading

Universe Tarot Institute

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Intuitive Tarot Institute was founded on the need of 21st Century Body, Mind and Soul 3 way cleansing. We have volunteers spread worldwide. Including Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, France, United Kingdom, United States and more. From the collaborative effort, … Continue reading

The Knife Massage

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Introduction to Dao Liao (Knife Massage) This technique of healing by the knives has 7000 years of existence. It was practiced in ancient China during the 8th-5th century BC time period in monasteries by monks. This natural therapy has been … Continue reading

The I Ching

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The I Ching Divination practiced here is using the “Xian Tian” method.  Literally translated, Xian Tian means “before Heaven,” but its symbolic meaning refers to “soul.”  This means that through the medium of the I Ching, the reader can access … Continue reading