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Universe Sticks Exercise

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The Universe has its frequency and way of operating in ways that human may not fully understand yet. One thing for sure, human is part of this Universe, which makes us small Universes in this grand Universe, we hold a … Continue reading

Light Healing

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Light Healing uses two purified, treated coral stones. Deep sea mineral stones are purified through the nature and evolved along with the eco-system. The minerals absorbed immense light energy from earth and holds great healing powers. Practitioners of Light Healing … Continue reading

Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center

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ibuddhalove was established in 2007. We are a group of partners from around the world to pursue the unity of the human body and soul . In June of 2013, we had a team that went to Rhode Island in … Continue reading

Prophet International Tarot Institute

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Prophet International Tarot Institute was founded in alignment with the spiritual awakening of souls in the 21st Century. Guiding individuals onto the path of the Unity with their Body, Mind and Soul. Volunteers and consultants worldwide including Canada, Japan, Malaysia, … Continue reading

The Knife Massage

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Introduction to Dao Liao (Knife Massage) This technique of healing by the knives has been dated more than 2500 years of existence. It was practiced in ancient China during the 8th-5th century BC time period in monasteries by monks. This … Continue reading

The I Ching

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The I Ching Divination practiced here is using the “先天” method.  A literal translation of “先天” means “before Heaven”, its symbolic representation refers to the “innate soul.”  Through the way of I Ching, access your soul’s information database within the … Continue reading