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“Meteorite Expo” 11 Tons Meteorite in Taoyuan Zhongli District

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“Meteorite Expo” Opening on 7th of May in Taoyuan Zhongli District near the THSR Taoyuan Station on the cross street of Sec. 1, Gaotie N. Rd and Qing Sheng Road. In the exhibition, the largest meteorite weights 11 tons and … Continue reading

Universe Sticks Exercise

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The Universe has its frequency and way of operating in ways that human may not fully understand yet. One thing for sure, human is part of this Universe, which makes us small Universes in this grand Universe, we hold a … Continue reading

Light Healing

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Light Healing uses two purified, treated coral stones. Deep sea mineral stones are purified through the nature and evolved along with the eco-system. The minerals absorbed immense light energy from earth and holds great healing powers. Practitioners of Light Healing … Continue reading

Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil Experience from Eve

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Chakra essential oils have always been in the picture in my previous meditations and soul healing journey. Each was a strong sensational experience, as though body cells are awakened, washed up, pieced back together and bubble wrapped with essential oils. … Continue reading

When an acupuncturist tries out Knife Massage

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We had many of these stories, friends of Love Boat, came visiting us from afar, all similar circumstances but so drastically different in each’s background. This is one we want to share. Agnes told us she’d be here today, little … Continue reading

2017/01/16 Taiwan Runes Zentangle Workshop

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Lead by Ms. Vivi Lee, a one day deep healing Runes Zentangle Workshop was held Participants looked deep into their inner self and seek their inner abilities and beauties. Wonderful healing done with the combination of symbols and tangles.

1/21/2017 Catch Your Dream Zentangle event in Singapore

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The come together of simple strokes through fun, zen and gratitude. The union of Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center & Love Pal Cafe bringing dreams to strokes & reality. Genuine participation & true sharing made this workshop possible. Thanks to everyone … Continue reading

Charity Work for the Elderly

Our charity work involved working with hospitals, and organizations providing care for the elderly and patients with trauma. We are really fortunate to have such opportunity to give back to the society and providing joy and hope for others.

German Broadcast coverage of Knife Massage

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Arriving first in Taipei, the crew went on the journey of covering the Knife Massage. The Knife Massage has been a popular method for healing. The crew then visited Kaoshiung and continued to be amazed by the amazing property of … Continue reading

Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center

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ibuddhalove was established in 2007. We are a group of partners from around the world to pursue the unity of the human body and soul . In June of 2013, we had a team that went to Rhode Island in … Continue reading