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In the New Age of the 21st Century, everything revolves around the ways of the Universal Path. This is a scientific age, and is also an age of universal messages.

Founded in 2004, we provide a range of knowledge stretches beyond the Universe. Astrology, Tarot, Light, Plant, Essential Oil, Crystal Therapy, and Aromatherapy. All living things have a spirituality. By studying the way of the Universe, we can find a path for our selves.

I Buddha Love encompasses the unity of Western and Eastern Wisdom; including consulting, education, and more to provide a complete service for the balance of the Mind, Body and Soul. Allowing each individual to seek positive energy and find positive path on this planet. Thus creating a world of love right here on Earth.

在這個年代裡,出生要看日期、取名字要算筆劃、合姻緣得要批八字、買屋要看風水。 這是一個科學的時代,也是一個占卜的世紀。說占卜是新時代運動一點都不為過。



Prophet International Tarot Institute

Through Prophet Tarot, realign your inner value, seek the way to achieve connectivity with the Universe.

Tarot is an ancient form of divination. It can be found in ancient civilizations including Egypt, India, China and much more. Prophet International Tarot is a way of internal practice, helping one understand oneself and the soul. Ancient readers consider it as messages from the universe. Throughout time, it has become a way of everyday lives. People are often feeling lost in today's world, out of the need of the world, we strive for Prophet International Tarot Institute to help those in search for the Way; and return to the way of the divine purpose.



Astro Lights - Stone Masters

Crystals and minerals there are older than human beings, it is like our teacher, peers and even the spiritual nourishment. Many crystals have amazing power beneath Earth so we call them "Stone Masters ".

From the past to present, people love to wear crystals, minerals; they are either astound by their beautiful and unique look or they have discovered the wonderful energy from Earth. In pursuit of wisdom in life, people begin to know how to make good use of stones and to find the answer, listen to the voices of the Earth and connect with Earth.

Like White Crystal with strong cleansing psychic ability, Aquamarine can balance hydrogen in the universe, the properties of each stone are meaningful, and can bring us unexpected significance. Stones are used to adjust spiritual energy, emotions, and can contribute to human health. Each stone also has its unique type, purpose and personality, such as Amber can help us to open the heart chakra and find the value, The Lapis Lazuli can help people find inner peace. However, it is important to focus on your own mindset and have a spiritual connection with the stone masters to gain wisdom in life, rather than seeing them as simple good luck charms.

"Astro Lights-Stone Masters" preserves the original appearance of each stone to deliver pure and elegance. The stones are in their natural form just like how life shapes us. Now, you can begin to experience the stones. Look into what you need in the present, and then select the Stone Master that matches that energy.

水晶與礦石的存在比人類還要久遠,他就像我們的老師、同伴甚至是沁身靈補給品,在大地之間蘊含了許多智慧的結晶並有著驚人的生命力,因此我們稱他為『Stone Masters 幸運石師父』。



『Astro Lights -StoneMasters幸運石師父』,用未經太多人為加工的原石來傳遞純粹的美好,體現幸運石的生命歷程。現在你可以開始體驗幸運石,先從了解自己所缺開始,再為自己挑選所需要的力量。


Spiritual Chakra Zentangle® Center.

We had a team that went to Rhode Island in United States to meet Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle®

In hope to bring the Zen way of life to more people, we became the first group of instructors for Spiritual Chakra Zentangle Center. We do not just focus on technical skills of the tangles, we are more concerned about the practice of "Zen". "ZEN", so to speak, or when your inner energy is in unity, your inner energy will show through your Zentangle® works; creating beautiful and powerful artworks.

Welcome to the heart of ZEN Tangle

我們在2013年6月帶領六位老師,遠赴美國羅德島展開與RICK ROBERTS & MARIA THOMAS所創立的ZENTANGLE®公司交流;並成功的取得第11期的禪繞教師認證。

認證期間深受RICK的期許,接受一顆紫水晶信物,將ZENTANGLE的禪定、禪律、禪思精神帶回寶島臺灣。成為第一支禪繞身心靈團隊。 我們不只是注重繪畫技術技巧,我們更在意「禪」「ZEN」的修持提昇,當你內在提升,你所展現的Tangle自然會擁有更大更深遠的震動能量。

歡迎一起進入ZEN Tangle的心世界。


Love Boat Shop

Love Boat - Founded in the Spring of 2004, Love Boat was the first LGBTQ physical lifestyle shop in Asia.

Love Boat was created by a group of passionate advocates for equality and diversity. It started with a small dream, a hope for a home of loving vibe; a place where people can be free and connected. Persistent in our purpose, Love Boat grew from a small lifestyle shop to a global community platform with queer arts, culture, Queer Tarot and IChing reading, holistic healing & aromatherapy, and wellness workshops.

Love Boat has been active in the global LGBTQ movement and supports Marriage Equality. In the past 10 years, we have had the chance to be invited to federal programs, academic foundations, corporations and NGO hosted events. In 2006, Taipei Times and other international media (websites, the Lonely Planet travel books, Curve and other magazines) have published numerous articles and publishing of Love Boat. In 2011, we have collaborated with The Women's Film Festival, Urban Nomad, LGBTQ film festival and other documentary films. And in 2014, we were invited to attend the Hong Kong LGBTQ Reading Fair.

We are beginning to witness an enlightenment movement. It starts with the search for self identity but now embarking on the search for spirituality, and expanding love and freedom for all.

愛之船啦啦時尚概念館 Love Boat 在2004年春天成立於台灣台北,是亞洲第一家專為女同志服務的實體店舖。





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